Art & Science

Art is the creative side of science and Science is the practical side of art


Art is a very powerful, but very underestimated, even with the STEM movement. Art is imagination. Art is an inspiration. Art is support. Art is what makes things easier to understand. Art is creation. Art is everywhere and within everything. When you open a textbook, it's filled with so much art and design, but it doesn’t get recognized for the fact, you see it every day. With the STEM movement, art is very much needed, to bring a new view on problems that comes up with Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.


Embracing digital art:
Exploring different apps (Windows/Mac OS/ iOS/Android) hands on demonstration to find what is suitable

Art and more Art:

Fundamentals of art (shape/form/light and shading)

Art Muse:
Gaining another view of problematic areas